Friday, August 25, 2006

America-Hating Americans

NOTE: I am going to make an exception this once, and place a few of my thoughts on the situation of The United States and the War On Terror. Steve

Turn on TV, the radio, open a newspaper and you will read it or hear it somewhere. Even the internet has an overwhelming plethora of it. The “it” I am speaking of, is the self-loathing of the United States that is so rampant and prevalent today. We don’t have to wait to see a videotape or hear a voice recording from some terrorist in the Middle East pronouncing their hatred of and loathing for America and all Americans. No, we can find plenty of it right here, from the janitor at the local school all the way up to our Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen in Washington, there seems to be more and more people waiting in line to bash this country and to do so with all their pent up frustration, anger, and hatred.

I can go to any blog out there, and I will find a good number of them where the bloggers are more than willing to attack the President, attack the military, and promote all they can find wrong with this country. They see us “losing credibility” with the world, and bemoan that we make more enemies for ourselves every day. Well, let me be the one to tell you, if anyone…and I mean all of you who hate this country, and you do hate it…if anyone has gotten us more enemies who are willing to attack this country, castigate it, and as a result carry out an insurgency, plot to bomb our airliners, and attack our cities, we and they have you to thank for it.

Yes, you have the right to protest this war. You have the right to criticize the President and the military. You even have the right to hate this country as you so obviously do. But, you also have the obligation, to carry out those rights in a responsible manner. You haven’t. In effect, you have given comfort and aid to the enemy.

Our enemies attacked this nation because they were sure the American people didn’t have the stomach for a fight. They were sure that the United States would take off like a whipped puppy, and not dare stick our collective noses into their business ever again. By golly, they were right. You proved them right. Your action, your words, your self-loathing for being an American and hatred of all that America is has proven them right. We won’t be defeated in this war. We already are defeated. We have lost because you don’t want us to win, and because you, your words, your actions have already given the signal to the enemies of this country that we are beaten.

They didn’t have to attack us on our own soil. They didn’t have to bomb us, use chemical weapons on us, and use nuclear weapons on our cities. You saved them the trouble. You have made them more determined than ever to fight, to not give up, to never quit. Because what you have done and said has told them that they are winning. They may not have won any battles. They may not have destroyed anymore buildings with planes, but, they have won this war, and the thanks all goes to you.

The Americans of today, especially you who hate this country, are the most self-centered, selfish, and uncaring people this country has ever produced. Thank goodness, and thank God that this was not the generation of World War Two, or we might be celebrating Adolph Hitler’s birthday instead of the 4th of July. When the World War Two generation went to fight in Europe and the Pacific they went with a united determination to stop an enemy that was a threat to the entire world. They went with a determination that their children, their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren would never have to face this menace again, and that they and all their descendants could live in peace, in safety, and in freedom. This generation doesn’t care about that. As long as this generation can live quietly and never has to stand for anything other than self, they are content. They are more than willing to let their children, their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren have to face, and to fight, what they will not.

The enemies of this nation were right in their assessment of The United States. A nation with no backbone, and no moral courage. Congratulations. What a fine testament you will have made to history. Helping the enemies of this nation… destroy this nation. Maybe at last, you have what you have wanted all along. Perhaps you will only realize the error of your ways when a mushroom cloud rises over New York, and the future of the next generation is ashes in their mouths.

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