Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Seven Deadly Sins-ENVY

At the heart of all those who envy another is laziness. Whether it be physical or spiritual laziness the outcome is the same as envy enters the soul and steals it away from God.

There is no such thing as spiritual envy one can have holy admiration for anothers virtuous life but that is not the same as envying another for their gifts.

The soul that allows envy to eat away at its centre is driven by sheer laziness in that the very thing they envy they can also attain if they open their hearts and allow God to penetrate into their very depths. This calls for self sacrifice something that the envious person does not wish to do. It also requires hard work as we allow God to weed our souls from every form of selfishness and grievances.

When we allow a spirit of envy to enter our hearts we have immediately closed off and thwarted any attempts by the Holy Spirit to fill us with His Gifts. The envious heart is one of denying God His proper place to remain the centre of our hearts. The person who is full of envy has replaced God with an inordinate love of themselves before all others.

Envy is like a creeping cancer as the eyes of the envious watch the envied with the eyes of a hawk and the heart of a vulture. It is willing to tear the person they envy into a thousand pieces whether by slander or calumny the envious person has no principles as it hones in on its victim.

The real tragedy with a soul that is eaten up with the envying of others is that it fails to act on the Gifts it has been given from Above and instead chooses to obsess on the Gifts it does not possess. This leads to an unhealthy and ultimately disastrous spiritual life as the focus of the envious soul remains fixed on itself and what others think of them.

The child of envy is spite as with little acts of slander they try and destroy a person for simply being themselves. These envious hearts take no joy in anothers prosperity instead their hearts grow ever more envious. Neither do they receive any joy from their own successes as with brooding heart and burning eyes they wrongly believe that nothing they can do or achieve can compare to the person who they envy.

It is a gruesome form of disordered love as their hearts churn within them over the sucesses of another.

The only antidote to envy is love in its purist form. A heart that upon seeing the joy of their families and friends rejoices with them with gladness of heart.

When we love correctly we understand that there is nothing to envy in anyone as the creator of all good things has God as its Source and not itself. This is the heart of a healthy spiritual being who is inlove with this Awesome God and gives all praise to God on High for all that happens to it whether it be good or bad.

In order to avoid envy it would be best to keep our eyes firmply planted on our Lord rather than on others.

Peace of Christ to ALL

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